Random Facts about Salt and Pepper

Salt has been used by man for many thousands of years to add flavour and to preserve food.

Although cheap nowadays, it was once very expensive. Favoured guests and family members would sit within reach of the salt cellar ("above the salt"), whereas lower-ranking people would sit out of reach of the salt ("below the salt").

The word 'salary' comes from the Latin 'salarium', meaning salt - salt was so valuable that people were paid in it.

Salt cellars from years gone by can be very elaborate, particuarly those made of silver, which would have a glass liner to protect the silver from the corrosive effects of the salt.

Those that we sell here on this web site are glazed and fired china and need no liners during use. Those made by Quail are dish-washer safe; the makers of the other ranges recommend hand-washing in the normal way.

I sell three types - pairs, go-withs and sit-upons -

  • Pairs are two of the same model, other than the number of holes, eg two identical black and white cats.
  • Go-withs are two different models that make a whole, eg the fireman goes with the bucket.
  • Sit-upons are those which are split in two horizontally so that the salt sits on top of the pepper, eg the Santa and hat, where the hat sits upon Santa's head.

In the UK, we use one hole for the salt cellar and three for the pepper pot; in the USA it's the other way around, and those made in the Far East usually have five+ holes especially for the pepper.

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