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I call these novelty salt and pepper pots, you may know them as salt and pepper shakers, novelty cruets or cruet sets, salt cellars and pepper pots or pepper boxes. But whatever you call them, they're quirky and unusual, and above all, fun.

And of course, you don't have to use them for salt and pepper - you could use them for salt and lo-salt, cayenne and paprika, nutmeg and cinnamon, whatever combination you want.

These collectable, decorative and fully functional sets are all hand-painted china with plastic bungs in the base, and some of the vehicle ones also have transfer-printed detailing. The Quail items are dish-washer safe; I'd recommend hand-washing the others. There is something here for everyone - animal lovers, veedub enthusiasts, farmers, surfers, sports fans and lots more.

Most of them are boxed, and those that aren't already can be put into boxes if required.

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UK Postage from £3.45, Overseas Postage Airmail International Signedfor from £8.50 (EUR) £9.75 (ROW)